Saturday, August 30, 2014

Motor Pleasure

Riding a motor bike is a pleasure. For me, learning a one and also getting used to one has always been pain. But not anymore, as I have seen the pleasure in it. Coincidentally the make of the scooter which I ride these days is also called Pleasure.
The best part of riding is listening to the vehicle and then going further accordingly. You can make out the speed as well as the disturbances. It's like a music, if you know it at the core, you can also make out the minutest discordances. Many people go after the speed and many more go for the show. I doubt how many go for riding for the sake of pleasure of riding.
Even I have found it recently. All of my earlier affairs with various kinds of vehicles have never been the ones which I have loved.
This time however it's different, as I have started out again keeping all of my past experiences aside. I am giving due consideration to all rules of the ride and not hurrying myself through. I don't let myself get much bothered by different sorts of vehicles, which speed past me. While on the road, it's me and my scooter which matter the most along with my co-travelers, if they are there. Like the road underneath, the honkers, the speeders and onlookers just pass by while we remain moving and still constant.
It's pleasure.

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