Sunday, January 6, 2013

Caring To Create Impressions

I like to observe how people dress and keep themselves. Though it is one of the basic necessities of human life to protect body, wearing clothes and other accessories have become an elaborate art over the centuries. It is an integral part of the human beauty. For women as well as men, when, what and how much do you show and or do not show of your body can give different messages.
While this is true in general there are people who don’t care about their dressing in general or at a particular occasion or moment in their life. I always like how people create their impressions through their dressing and body upkeep.
I look at those political leaders. They wear those perfectly white kurtas and pyjamas but keep them not so perfectly ironed. If one is from a pro Hindu party, a red tilak on the forehead is found but worn with sharpness not blurred like the one that gets while performing rituals. Does it give the impression for us common folks that they are there with us but almost always a level above us?
These political leaders are mostly seen accompanied by their volunteer workers. Most of them are heavily built. They wear brightly coloured half shirts showing off part of their muscular arms. An upper button or two of their shirts are always open showing of some more muscle of the chest ornate with low hanging thick gold chains not white enough to have pure gold and not red enough as well to feel it all coppery. With a goggle on their eyes, you won’t be able to make out where they are looking. Are they creating impressions so that one should not even dare to look at them?
Vague political leaders protected by unapproachable volunteers, what a combination we have got?
If one passes through a road with some college on it, these days one finds lot of skinny lads wearing loose T shirts with discoloured tight fitting blue jeans which is sometimes torn near knees, thankfully not on the butts. Their hairs are dishevelled with some of the thick strands weirdly protruding upwards. One gets a feel that these must be from some poor household with lack of water facilities. May be these boys have got addicted to alcohol and drugs as well. They might need some serious social attention.
But a closer look tells you that it is so common that it seems to be new fashion. Many of these lads are found to be taking great care to keep half of their T shirt tucked out and half of it tucked in their jeans. If you take a closer look at their hairs, their straight hairs cannot protrude that way if allowed to grow naturally. It is not a mistake of the barber but it is with the highly paid skill that protrusion of hair has been created. Every now and then, one of the boys hanging out on the corner will go near to a car parked on the road and will check if those hairs are properly erect and right half of his T shirt is tucked in and left part is properly tucked out.
Some of the girls hanging out with those boys do get impressed and give them "oh my beloved" type of glances. They must be copying all these as fashion from some punk Western trends.
These were just some examples where people care heavily to create impressions to show that they do not to care. It is the loose impressions that one creates are important. They are part of this world and a closer look helps us to learn that impressions and the reality of it are so different from each other sometimes.