Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Moment


This is the first ever English story written by me. One might find it too bold by the Indian standards.


Sameer and Ajit were best friends. When they were attending college they came close to each other due to their common interest in nature. They started to make long walks on the streets of the city identifying plants and birds. They started to visit parks and forest reserves. Their friendship had grown from their common interests to such a point where they had started to share their joys and sorrows. It was relationship of deep understanding and trust. Their class always used to talk about them that these guys see themselves as special as they were always together and never mixed in the group.

They finished college; started hunting jobs and eventually entered into them. Their lives changed. With the stress and pressures at the work front, they started to lose on their long preserved interests. They could not meet as frequently as they could be. After an year their meetings just stopped as Sameer had taken a job which required travelling to far away places. It was Sameer, who recalled their forgotten meetings and long trails in the forest which they used to do. He started to think, "Is our friendship dyeing? Are we still each other's best friends or have we lost each other?" It striked to him that there was something deep in their friendship which was never identified or expressed clearly. He lifted his cell phone and dialled Ajit's number. "Hello" answered Ajit in his sleepy voice. "We are going to the National Park this Saturday," said Sameer. Sameer heard a long pause which was meant for saying, "Yes, I can't have any excuses." "I am coming." said Sameer.

It was a long trail as usual. Their favourite place was above the caves on the top of the hill, from where they could get the view of spread of the forest dotted with some lakes and eagles flying royally over the gorge below. It was a tiresome climb. They had lost their habit of climbing hills. "It is the last step man, come on" told Sameer to Ajit and extended his hand for support him to climb on the rock. Both of them were breathing heavily with the stress from climbing.

The air was cool with the breezes flowing over the evergreen forests and the surrounding were beautiful. They both were looking at the scenery which they had seen many times before. "Are you having the same thoughts as mine?" asked Sameer tapping Ajit's shoulder. "We have visited this place so many times, but why does it always appears new and refreshing." Ajit looked back to him surprised. He did not notice Sameer's palms touching his neck and then moving around his back. Ajit could not recognise why his breathing had became fast but he had started to enjoy the touch. It was feeling special. Something which was never felt or experienced before. It only became clear to him when Sameer held his face in his hands and started looking in his eyes. Ajit was frightened but could not resist because he did not want to. Their lips came close resulting into the kiss.

They started caressing each others' bodies when suddenly Ajit withdrew and sat down. He burst into a cry. "Sameer, I know it is not moral and still I gave in. I am going back Sameer. It's over." He stood up and started walking the path downwards.

Sameer wanted to call him back desperately but he knew that it will not be of any use. Had he expressed himself explicitly before, he could not have came so intimately close to his beloved friend. A flash of fear started to spread across his mind as he realised that memories of that moment gone by were going to haunt him for the rest of his life challenging his thoughts on sex.